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Piedmont College - Men's Lacrosse
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Piedmont Men's Lacrosse Camps

Facilities & Directions

Walker Athletic Field – Soccer (M&W) & Lacrosse (M&W) 
Walker Field has been the home of the Piedmont College men’s and women’s soccer programs since the programs’ inception in 1992 and is scheduled to be home of the inaugural men's lacrosse program starting in 2012. Named in honor of Webster Upson Walker, the field is located at the base of the state-of-the-art Johnny Mize Athletic Center. This newly renovated playing facility features a fully-lighted 120x70 artificial turf field surface completed in the fall of 2010. The recent renovations also include new spectator seating located along the Florida Street side of the field as well as embanked seating areas along the goal line area. Locker rooms for both the men’s and women’s programs and the men's lacrosse program are located at the top of the hill at the base of the Johnny Mize Athletic Center and provide locker space for each athlete as well as fully equipped shower and storage facilities. The complex appeals to both players and fans alike with its state-of-the-art design as well as bleacher seating and grassy hills that encompass the facility providing a front-row view for all spectators and a first-class experience for student-athletes.